Sicily, On the trail of Inspector Montalbano

Welcome to Sicily, home of the world-famous detective, Inspector Montalbano. Wherever you are in the world, I am sure, you’ve heard or watched at least an episode. Mr Montalbano, in fact, has quickly become an icon of the island. In … Read More

Sicilian Granita, the authentic recipe – Sicilian Taste

Granita is iced water flavoured with sugar and fruit juice, however, the true Sicilian granita is so much more than ice. The most popular – and traditional – flavours in Sicily are lemon, almond or black mulberry.  The most traditional … Read More

gay siracusa

Siracusa – the gay-friendly heart of Italy

Sicily is a great destination for the LGBT+ community. In fact, many Sicilian cities attract LGBT+ travellers, and in recent years, Syracuse and in particular Ortygia has quickly become a favourite of the gay community. Keep reading to find out … Read More