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Sicily is the perfect place for any getaway, but in this article, we share 5 Romantic Ideas for Gay Couples in Sicily.

The biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea doesn’t need an introduction but if you wish to read a bit about it, make sure to check our previous articles here.

5 Romantic Ideas for Gay Couples in Sicily

1. Stay in a Luxury Home

There is nothing quite like having a place completely for yourself while on holiday. Especially if the home you are staying at is a lovingly-restored luxury apartment set over two floors and ideally located for exploring the Baroque centre of Ortigia.  From here you can enjoy the many bars, excellent restaurants and independent shops the city has to offer.

5 Romantic Ideas for Gay Couples in Sicily
Our gorgeous Casa Siciliana alla Giudeccca

Having a private house all to yourself is definitely something to try especially if you are in a romantic destination like Sicily. In particular, Syracuse is the perfect place to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or any other special occasion.

Staying at any of our apartments, you are sure you can feel at home. We proud ourselves to be welcoming of anyone regardless of differences and similarities. Baroque Apartments is your home away from home in Sicily

2. Take a walk around the magnificent archaeological sights of Syracuse

The archaeological park of Syracuse is one of the most impressive places to admire Sicily’s ancient Greek and Roman heritage. A Greek theatre, that dates back to the 5th Century BC, is the main attraction of the site.

This ancient Roman amphitheatre is another highlight, dating back to the 3rd Century AD and it’s here is where gladiators would fight.

3. Take a cooking class together

As you know, food throughout Italy is incredible, but Sicilian food is something beyond imagination. Why don’t take the opportunity to learn the ropes of cooking some Sicilian dishes?
There are several cooking schools in the main city, like this one right in the heart of Ortygia. Lessons start from the market where you’ll buy seasonal ingredients that will then be cooked for local recipes in a beautiful country house.

5 Romantic Ideas for Gay Couples in Sicily

Want to learn some Sicilian recipes? Check out our new column! LINK ALLE RICETTE QUI

4. See the Sunrise from the top of Mount Etna

Sure, you and your partner will have to wake up super early but, trust me, you’ll be rewarded. The view from the North Valley with the city view and the surrounding hills is something you’ll remember forever. And if you feel like you can choose to end the day at an organic farm which produces red and white wine. Book your excursion up to Mount Etna here.

5 Romantic Ideas for Gay Couples in Sicily

5. Take A Hot-Air Balloon Ride over Sicily

There are only few things more romantic than flying. Imagine flying in a hot-air balloon. Silently and slowly drifting above the Sicilian island, hand-in-hand, while the sun goes down at the end of the endless sea horizon. There are few options all around the island, but the best is probably the one that departs from Enna, right in the heart of Sicily. You’ll see the giant Mount Etna to your left and the coast to the east, what can be more romantic?

5 Romantic Ideas for Gay Couples in Sicily

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