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Slow Tourism, your holiday in Ortigia

The recent outbreak of the pandemic has surely affected you and your loved ones. We, at Baroque Apartments have obviously been deeply affected by it. But we are slowly trying to recover without any rush or pressure. Quite the opposite … Read More

Summer 2020: best beaches for social distancing in Sicily

Right now, there is still some uncertainty about what is going to happen in Italy this summer, but the packed beach experiences we were so used to, certainly won’t be happening in 2020. To be completely honest, no one knows … Read More

Sicily, On the trail of Inspector Montalbano

Welcome to Sicily, home of the world-famous detective, Inspector Montalbano. Wherever you are in the world, I am sure, you’ve heard or watched at least an episode. Mr Montalbano, in fact, has quickly become an icon of the island. In … Read More

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Siracusa – the gay-friendly heart of Italy

Sicily is a great destination for the LGBT+ community. In fact, many Sicilian cities attract LGBT+ travellers, and in recent years, Syracuse and in particular Ortygia has quickly become a favourite of the gay community. Keep reading to find out … Read More

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Top 5 Things to See in Syracuse, Sicily

It’s almost impossible to summarise all the top things to see in Syracuse, Sicily, in only one brief article. There are too many beautiful things this incredible city has to offer, but we’ll try our best to give you the … Read More

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5 Romantic Ideas for Gay Couples in Sicily

Sicily is the perfect place for any getaway, but in this article, we share 5 Romantic Ideas for Gay Couples in Sicily. The biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea doesn’t need an introduction but if you wish to read a … Read More