Excursion to Pantalica

Excursion to Pantalica, meeting in Syracuse around 9.30 am and visiting the fabulous Ortigia market to buy sandwiches and fruit for lunch.

You will walk along an ancient narrow-gauge railroad, which became famous in 1933, when King Vittorio Emanuele went to Pantalica Station and then visit the Necropolis with mule back to admire the breathtaking view of the frescoed Byzantine church of San Nicolicchio.

Imagine the majesty of the Prince’s Palace (Anaktoron), which lies on a plateau with a 360 ° view.

You will take a picnic by the lake or near the palace.

You will walk through more than 2000 tombs excavated in the rock dating to the 13th / 9th century BC. Covering the façades of the river canyon you will enjoy a swim in the cold and crystal waters of the Calcinara River.

If you want you can return to Syracuse for a walk through the city and a granite

  • You could stop down the road to visit a local winery in the surrounding Siracusa countryside or a local farm (with a small supplement)

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