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Sicily is a great destination for the LGBT+ community. In fact, many Sicilian cities attract LGBT+ travellers, and in recent years, Syracuse and in particular Ortygia has quickly become a favourite of the gay community.

Keep reading to find out why Siracusa is the Gay-Friendly heart of Italy!

1. Great LGBT+ Community in Siracusa

First of all, there is an active LGBT+ community in Siracuse, who not only is not discriminated against or pointed at, but peacefully lives within the social fabric.

2. Gay Events in Siracusa

There are tons of gay events happening in the city: books presentations, meetups, movies, political events. Check all the events on Arcigay Siracusa.

3. Hoplite, the gay night

Every Saturday in Syracuse it’s time for Hoplite. One of the busiest evenings and one you can’t miss if you visit Syracuse in winter.  Themed evenings, entertainment and DJs will accompany you all night.

4. Lots of bars

In Siracusa, there are more and more gay-friendly places, like Punto G, Hmora, and Sikarù Beerstrò which not only offers great events but also feature a welcoming atmosphere for gay, straight and everything in between.

5. A gay Festival in Noto

Entirely dedicated to LGBT culture is the Giacinto Festival di Noto (Sr) which takes place on the first weekend of August every year. Noto is only 45 minutes drive from Ortigia. Check our availability for that period before it’s too late.

6. Gay-friendly beaches

Sea lovers and beach enthusiasts will find the gay community gathered at some of the best Sicilian beaches like Calamosca, Eloro, Cala Bernardo, and a naturist/nudist beach near the Vendicari nature reserve.

7. Gay Pride in Siracusa

For some years the streets and the sea of ​​Syracuse have been traversed by a growing Pride. Follow the local Facebook page for all information.

8. More than gay-friendly, your Sicilian home is ready

Nothing can beat a real home away from home. And this is what Baroque Apartments have become for many of our guests who keep coming back every year (some twice a year!). At Baroque Apartments, you know you’ll not only find an inclusive accommodation in the heart of Siracusa, but you’ll also find the privacy, respect and welcome you deserve on your next holiday.

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Siracusa, the gay-friendly heart of Italy is waiting for you!

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