slow tourism in siracusa

The recent outbreak of the pandemic has surely affected you and your loved ones. We, at Baroque Apartments have obviously been deeply affected by it. But we are slowly trying to recover without any rush or pressure. Quite the opposite in fact as we’ve decided to go back to our own roots and values. And we are going to promote slow tourism even more.

For this reason, we’ve decided to promote a slow movement of travellers interested in our Sicilian history, culture and food. Rediscovering the important values ​​of life, and ultimately to live a more real and authentic life.

From the window of my apartment here in Ortigia, I have been looking out to the sea and realised how lucky I was to simply be here. With this view. And this luck has given me the strength to go on and dream of when the first travellers would come back to visit us again.

I dreamed of the first walk on the beach with them. The first dinners. The first secrets shared. Stories of life and travel.

Slow tourism in Ortigia

For us at Baroque Apartments, these are the finer things in life. Small moments of shared happiness in everyday life. And we want to share this with you when you come and visit us so that you can then try and carry this philosophy into our normal life.

This is the type of holiday we offer to our guests. A slow holiday, to be savoured moment by moment.

Unplugging to recharge.

And if you are looking for experiences, slow tourism in Ortigia is perfect.

Slow, it means eliminating the frenzy, it means taking all the time it takes to cross a path and staring at the waves and the birds. It means to discover the hidden beauties in our tiny roads. It also means recovering oneself, seeking and finding the necessary balance for emotion.

Your slow holiday at Baroque Apartments

Any of our apartments are a stone’s throw from the beach and the city centre meaning that if you are looking for a relaxing holiday in Ortigia, you don’t even need the car.

The direct contact of every sense with the sea, history and nature, is at the core of the concept of a slow holiday and there is no better place than Ortigia to enjoy a slow holiday.

You can start your morning with the sound of the church bells, the smell of freshly made coffee in one of our fully equipped kitchen and then you are left with just one choice to make: relax, adventure or culture?

The choice is always yours. If you need any tips or inspiration, simply subscribe below to receive our on the road itinerary.

Relax, adventure or culture?

If you wish to relax, Ortigia has several beaches as well as a nice shaded park where you can enjoy some people watching while eating an Italian gelato.

For those looking for adventure, a tour up of Mountain Etna, windsurfing or yoga are available.

And for those looking to immerse in the Sicilian history, there is no chance to get bored as Ortigia is a true dive into the past, culture and art.

After so many months of stillness, people are back at our apartments and things are slowly going back to normality. A different kind normality to what it used to be. But the smiles behind the masks of those who arrive, are exactly the same.

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