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With less and less Corona-virus infected people (yesterday the number was 3!), it appears that Sicily will soon be ready to declare its island virus-free. Since the beginning of the pandemic, in fact, it has been one of the least affected regions in Italy and thanks to the large number of tests and preventive home-isolation, the region has handled the emergency in an excellent way so far.

This is why we can assume that travel to Sicily will not only be safe, but pleasant as many of the system put in place in other regions won’t be taking place here. i.e. no plexiglass barriers on the beach for example!

Apartments Holidays is the new black

Here at Baroque Apartments, we’ve always put the safety and health of our guests first and lately, with our “Cleaning Protocol” we assure that travellers can enjoy their holiday in a peaceful state of mind.

This Summer, stay at one of our homes in Siracusa, risk-free

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Our new H&S protocol follows a set of instructions to clean and sanitize all rooms in all our homes. And with the fact that when you rent one of our apartments you’ll be alone, you can always feel safe. Like at home. Your Sicilian home.

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