Your Sicilian Home – About Baroque Apartments

Baroque Apartments, your Sicilian home, was born from the idea to create a safe and welcoming space for guests from all over the world. Regardless of their nationality, language, skin colour or sexual orientation.

Baroque Apartments stand for equality, compassion, love and freedom.

Our Values

Our Vision

Aware that all human beings are different but equal, we dream of a society that is open and fair, able to provide services that are suitable for all.

we dream of a society that is open and fair

Our Mission

We aim to a sustainable form of tourism. A type of touristm that is inclusive of all, regarless of differences. Our main mission is to satisfy the curiosity and the desire for knowledge of the territory. 

inclusive travel

Our three pillars

1.Respect for the environment

  • our apartments are built in a harmonious way with the surrounding environment and the historic heritage
  • Baroque Apartments is right in the centre of the historical village
  • We care about the environment and we promote a sustainable way of travelling

2. Respect for others

  • We believe in an all-welcome experience: we don’t care where you are from, we simply want to give you a remarkable experience
  • Your Sicilian home: Baroque Apartments’ mission is to make sure you feel at home whenever you come to Sicily
  • Not only a rented home, but we also want you to think about Baroque Apartments as a place to go back to, anytime you feel like.

3. Respect for yourself

  • Latins used to say “mens sana in corpore sano” which means “a healthy mind in a healthy body” and we couldn’t agree more. We believe that happiness comes from having a healthy lifestyle, along with a peaceful mind.
  • Staying at Baroque Apartments you’ll be pampered with a lot of outdoor activities and healthy options to turn your stay into a lifetime experience.

Baroque is not only your home away from home.

Baroque is your Sicilian home.

See you soon.

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