It’s a safe choice in summer, but here are 5 reasons to visit Sicily offseason.

Close your eyes. Imagine a golden beach. Without people. Keep your eyes closed while you sit at a restaurant where you didn’t have to queue. Imagine if this was possible.

Well, this is possible. And the solution is quite simple indeed.

Infinite seascapes, delicious food, music and art festivals, the truth is that there is never a time when Sicily could possibly disappoint. Even if the thermometer reaches its peak during the months of July and August, along with the tourists’ crowds, Sicily is great to visit all year round. Here are 5 reasons to Visit Sicily off-season.

Here Are 5 Reasons To Visit Sicily Offseason

1 – Oh, my Sicilian Winter!

It might not be the 40 degrees of Summer, but the Mediterranean Winter is something different from the rest of Europe or the USA. If you’ve never considered a trip to this side of the world during winter, think again. Visiting Sicily during the months of December, January or February might not come as first thought, but Sicily will definitely provide a great supply of winter sunshine. In fact, the daytime temperatures rarely fall below 10˚C. Not too bad right?

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2 – Skiing like never before

Sure, the Alps are great, but have you ever skied on a volcano? Well, now you can as Mount Etna, Sicily’s largest active volcano, offers a ski holiday you’ll never forget. The view of the blue sea you’ll see in the distance is a remarkable plus that your friends won’t believe!

5 reasons to visit Sicily offseason
Skiing on a volcano in Sicily

3 – Lower Prices

Sure, some services might be closed or limited, but rooms and apartments are available all year round and they are likely to come at a discounted price. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be the first to know about our special sales and winter discounts!

4 – Winter Events

From foodie events to religious celebrations, festivals in Sicily are an integral part of Sicilian traditions. If you are in Sicily in December, you can’t miss the Feast of Saint Lucia and the celebrations of the Italian dramatist Luigi Pirandello. February is also a great month to be in Sicily. This is when the Festa di Sant’Agata, the patron saint of Catania takes place. During the entire month, a massive street celebration with fireworks, celebrations, music and, of course, food takes place in the city and beyond. But February is also the month of the Almond Blossom Festival in Agrigento.

5. Fewer tourists, more locals

One of my favourite things to do while travelling is to connect with the locals and hear their stories, learn from them and, ultimately, live a truly local experience. This is why I mainly travel offseason and why I highly recommend you to do the same and immerse yourself in an authentic Sicilian experience. For example, you could head to the famous city of Taormina or Cefalù and be able to walk around instead of being squashed among thousands of tourists.

5 reasons to visit Sicily offseason
Connect with the locals for an authentic Sicilian experience

The natural beauty of this island, along with a calendar full of events all year round, means that Sicily is always a great place to visit.

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